Best bottles for babies with colic!

So my little one turned out to be one of those babies who are born with a lot of reflux and colic pain. The first three months of her life were pretty intense; as she would throw up a lot, pretty much after every feed, and her tummy was constantly hurting.

We’ve been through it all from trying better sleeping positions, like lowering one end of her Next2Me crib, to trying the Comfort Milk (Cow&Gate), but nothing seemed to work. So we started trying various baby bottles.


tommee-tippeeHaving received as a gift the wonderful Tommy Tipee Closer to Nature set (pictured), this is what we used on my little one. The bottles had a nice futuristic shape, and the steriliser was amazing. Fast and reliable, it really made a difference to our lives – in fact we still use it today. But unfortunately for our little one, the bottles allowed for too much air to come through.


We then moved over to the new self sterilising MAM bottles, which the baby seemed to love due to soft material and the wide shape format of the tit. Success! (we thought). The bottles seemed to help with the colic, but the circular bottom whic
h you can remove to clean them, kept coming off or leaking every time we did a feed, so sadly we had to do away with them too.

dr-brownsEnter – DrBrown bottles – what a change! Although I must admit this is a fairly high maintenance bottle (as it has many parts that needs cleaning), it is also the best bottle I have ever used with my baby. The ventilation system allows the air to flow out, allowing for the milk to enter the baby’s mouth whilst drastically reducing the air-intake: meaning less colic, less reflux and a much happier baby! NOTE: I used the ‘Narrow’ neck bottles as I fond them to be much better than the ‘Wide’ neck, and a lot easier to use.

They also come in glass, should you not want to use plastic!



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