The importance of pampering yourself…

It’s not easy being a new mom, with all the new things you have to get used to. I mean, let’s face it – your whole world is pretty much turned upside down the moment you deliver that ‘bundle of joy’…and you start the whirlwind of nappy changes, midnight feeding, 24 hour constant attention. As a woman it is very easy to fall into the trap and want to do everything yourself, but as I am sometimes reminded in those moments when I almost want to collapse…we need to learn to take time out! Go do something small for ourselves ….take a nap if that’s what you need! Or go to the mall – alone! Or even a day at the spa …which is what I did yesterday afternoon after a full day of screams from a teething 7 month old…

Sometimes we just need a break to care for ourselves, because if we reach the point where things get too much, everyone suffers! 

Happy mommy happy baby! Take that break – you’ll be doing yourself and your little one a favour. 


2 thoughts on “The importance of pampering yourself…”

  1. This absolutely needed. As a mother you get into a routine, you feel you need to be super mom and not show any sign of weakness. This is tough, taking time for yourself to regroup is a necessity to be a great mommy.

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