Stollers galore: how do you choose?

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, one of the first baby items to enter the baby conversation with other expectant mom colleagues and friends was the almighty stroller! I mean how are you even supposed to choose one that is right for you before you have your baby, and is there one that’s better than others?

I think it largely depends on your lifestyle and needs, but in all honesty I found out later that the stroller was redundant in the first 6 months…

That being said -of course I still went through the whole journey of getting a stroller…!

Being a rather tech geek, I could not but envisage something high tech for my daughter, and I soon found something on google called the Origami stroller by 4moms. The only stroller that opens and closes at the touch of a button, along many other high-tech features. However it wasn’t only the high price that put me off in the end, as much as it’s weight….this is a very heavy stroller! Onto the next search….

I then stumbled on and was also recommended by a work colleague the must-be-seen-having these days trendy and iconic Stokke Explory. Virtually every single comment on Yahoo Answers or mumsnet said that those who owned this stroller loved it and those who didn’t own it were secretly still jealous of all of those who did. I mean seriously, what’s the big deal? I therefore decided to take my curious self to Mothercare and have a look at this fabulousness….only to be highly disappointed. Yes, the stroller did look sexy, and it came with the whole travel system at at a hefty price tag, but it was a big NO for me because of three reasons: the wheels are plastic so not great on rougher surfaces, its size ( it did not fit in my car boot, I drive a Mini), and its complexity when folding it (I got really frustrated in the store trying to close it, and did not have a baby with me at this point…).

Having been passed on various pieces of advice from other mothers, I came to the conclusion I needed a stroller that was: simple to fold, not too heavy, suitable for tall people, elegant, with inflatable wheels and good suspension, and which converts from a basinet into a seat

Enter….the wonderful, more reasonably priced, British ingenuity Silver Cross Sleepover Elegance and the Simplicity Car Seat. The Dutchess of Cambridge has one too.


So, with my new mother to be head, I picked this stroller and have since used it maybe 5 times. Ok, I lied, my daughter did sleep in it almost every day for her daily naps up until she was 6 months, whenever I didn’t have the time to take her up into her room, as the basinet doubled up as a wonderful moses basket. But for running errands, I actually don’t rely on this stroller…I use the wonderful Doona Car Seat from SimpleParenting, as it its wheels integrated  – and I use it every day.


The Doona Car Seat/Stroller has been by far the best investment I have made. More about it in a next post!

Watch this space!


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