The safety spoon from Munchkin!

Thinking about what my next post should be, I just had to write about this awesome new product I bought for my daughter recently! It’s the Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoon, which makes sure I never have to serve her food too hot! (As I once did and lived to regret it…) 

As the mother of any 7 month old baby will know, weaning is not an easy task. From choosing the right food groups to start your baby on, to home freezing batches of baby vegetable pures – so they last a bit longer – only to have to microwave to defrost or heat them again later.

The ‘baby experts’ say you should never microwave food as this will heat up in patches and will end up burning your baby’s mouth! Well this shall happen no more now that I have my hands on the amazing spoons from Munchkin! 

Not only are they awesomely covered in special gummy plastic which protects against my baby hurting her gums, but it alleviates some of the teething pain she currently is going through. 

And the best part of all it also works as a food thermometer / Heath indicator!

The colour of the spoon stays the same when the food is the correct temperature. 

The colour of the spoon turns white, like in the image below when the food is too hot! How amazing is this?
This way you never have to feed your baby got food again! Thank you Munchkin!

You can buy a pack of 4 at any Target in the US for just under $4! Or order it online: 


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