Doona Car Seat:The Best Investment I ever made!

Picking up from my initial review of the strollers I looked at and eventually bough, I had to dedicate a single post to the amazing Doona, the only car seat that opens up into a stroller…and yes, it’s just as good as they say it is! After all, it was designed by a parent…

No more dragging your car seat around, or filling your booth with the portable wheels. Doona has been designed for easy and simple living, by SimpleParenting.

Costing just another $100 or so more than any other top of the range car-seat, you might think of the Doona that it’s expensive, but think of what you have to pay for a full travel system, and all of a sudden the cost is not so bad. And I promise you, it is worth every single penny!

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 19.49.29

Since I bought the Doona, not only did my baby girl sit much more comfortably in it due to the high quality newborn insert which allowed her to lie flat (made of bamboo fabric) but I have never left my house without it – and I still don’t as she is 7 months old, the Doona remains our absolute favourite. I have not used another stroller since, and I kind of wish I had never bought a stroller in the first place…

Highly versatile, this car seat is not only safe and easy to use as a car seat (it comes with an isofix base if you wish) but it fits in any car, can be used on any train seats, buses and even airplanes (it is certified to do so). Which is why we’ve so far used it for all our daily chores, trips abroad and even in the cinema! It fits in virtually any seat, and the fold of the wheels is so easily done with one hand – that anyone can manage it with a baby in their arms.

I have to admit though, my husband was at first reluctant that one object could meet two purposes successfully and his main argument was that it will not be a comfortable stroller, or good enough car seat. Well, to my absolute delight, he admitted he was wrong (and I tell this does not happen often at all!!!).

The wheels on it are just as good as the ones on the Stokke – but considering that you should not keep a baby in any car seat for longer than two hours without a break, they are more than what you would need.

And before you ask if it’s not too small for tall people? – not it is not. I am 5.9 and I use it without an issue. It could be taller, I wouldn’t mind if it was – but the current height works just as well.

Here is a picture of my daughter sleeping comfortably in her Doona, in a train seat on our way to London, using public transport was a breeze with this stroller.


I could keep on writing and writing on how amazing this product is, but there is no point. Quality speaks for itself. Just get one. You’ll thank me later!



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