Friends without babies…

Before I got married I always had a lot of friends, and always thought that we’d be friends forever…but when you end up with that one special person, and you swear your ‘until death do us part’ something happens and all of a sudden the number of single friends you have starts to decrease…

So you end up spending your time making new ‘couple friends’ – only to realise that when you make that special announcement (that you are expecting) – all of a sudden everyone gets busy and it becomes harder to make plans with them…

I always wondered if that was just me or if that’s a thing for everyone else. Is this the norm to expect once you have a baby? And why does it have to be this way?

Of course you still like each other and we always say that we will try to meet up more, and make an effort…but somehow life still gets in the way, and friendships change…your friends become your new NCT colleagues, or mommy groups you socialise with while on maternity leave…

Why does there have to be such a gap, just because some of us now have an extra person to care for, or talk about? Surely we can still have a decent conversation that does not revolve around babies all the time, as long as you can also put up with the interruptions or screaming from time to time…

I feel lucky however as I have a really close group of old school girlfriends who all have babies now, and with whom I feel that I will have a long lasting relationship,…but I cannot help but thinking about all my other friends, and truly hope we’ll still see each other in years to come…

Why do we have to change so much as adults? Why can’t we just keep our friends forever? Even the ones who will never have babies…after all our babies do not redefine us as people!

Baby or no baby! We are still the same. 

Any comments? 


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