The money trap…

It’s so easy these days to fall into a spending trap when you have a baby. From the moment you have to buy the items for your hospital bag (which the majority of them will actually be useless…) to the themed outfits you will end up buying for your baby to wear on a one – off celebration, like Halloween, Christmas, or even Memorial Day here in the US. 

I used to be a big spender when it came to buying myself new clothes, or the latest gadgets…only to find myself these days spending that cash on baby clothes, or toys. So even though you’d think that now that I am a mother my spending would be somewhat more sensible – baby marketing is something I cannot hide from. The funny thing is I work in marketing…

It’s just so hard to resist falling in this money trap, and not buying that super cute outfit, or getting that organic cotton tank top, or those cute Memorial Day sandals (pictured below) or the latest developmental toy for the little one…yet I must be careful, as before you know it I find my bank account to be empty! Ouch! And what do I have to show for it? A large bag of baby clothes and items ready to go to charity – as they only wear them for like a split second….

There is only that much you can keep for baby number 2…so we as new mothers must learn to read through that marketing – and learn to prioritise the must-have’s from the rest of the ‘would be cool to have’ items. 

Yes…a lot of things that we must do…but it’s all a lot easier said than done! 

Are you guilty of overspending for your baby? What’s the craziest thing you’ve bought them? Let me know in the comments section below! 


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