Travelling with my baby is …the best!

Whilst I know this goes against the status quo, and there will be many who disagree with me – I truly believe travelling with kids (of any age) can be a lot of fun! 

I recently read an article which counted the reasons why travelling with babies & kids is great, and having recently taken a vacation with my daughter in the US, I cannot agree more!

I don’t remember a holiday ever being so much fun before, maybe only when I was a kid myself – but the matter of fact is that something magical happens when we travel with our own kids.

Even though my baby girl is only 7.5 months old, we flew her across the ocean from UK to the US, for a family holiday in Myrtle Beach, SC and after we decided to remain stateside with her grandparents for a few more weeks. Whilst having family with us on holiday has been fun, and helpful – now it’s just me and her most of the day, every day – and I love it! 

Yesterday we spent the day in NYC. We went to brunch with an old colleague, and then we walked in the city, checked out some shops on 5th Ave and enjoyed the sun in Bryant Park. I must say, I don’t think I ever enjoyed The City more than now. Firstly, knowing that I was the first person to share this special time with my daughter made it all very special, and secondly she seemed to have a great time, as she was constantly smiling and bouncing around in her stroller. I felt that even though she won’t remember any of it – at least I have the memories and pictures to prove it! 

Whilst it wasn’t the easiest trip to the city I have ever taken everything went smoothly and we managed to park in a good spot. Then, the new BabyzenYoyo stroller worked a breeze on the streets of Manhattan and inside 5th Avenue’s stores. Because of my daughter – this was the most emotionally stimulating and fulfilling experience I have had. I definitely want to do it more and next time throw in a museum visit! 

Yes, you will say – but she is older than 6 months now. And that’s a fair point. However my little one has been traveling to Romania at the mere age of 8 weeks! And yes, that was a different set of challenges, but it was again – worth every minute. 

And last but not least, if you’re not going to travel on maternity leave (sorry US moms) when you get a year off work, what else are you going to do? I mean you have to pack everything and the kitchen sink just to go to a baby massage class or shopping at Asda/Walmart. You might as well pack it up and travel somewhere exciting – that makes your heart jump with joy, and let’s you build memories that will last a lifetime!

Go travel!…having a baby is not an excuse – if you want to do it, you will find a way to make it happen easily!


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