Breastfeeding: it’s not natural for some!

You hear about the morning sickness, weird midnight cravings, the difficult pregnancy and the 72 hour long labour stories as soon as you announce you are pregnant – but nobody tells you about breastfeeding and how difficult it can be! 

From all of the above, I experienced almost no morning sickness, no weird cravings, had a generally easy pregnancy and my labour was no longer than 4 hours. But boy did I have it rough when it came to breastfeeding! 

First of all my baby was born 2 weeks early and was quite small (2.4kgs / 5.5lbs) and did not have the strength needed to breastfeed. Secondly she was born with a tongue tie – which also made it even more difficult. 

And thirdly, after having countless midwives come over and squeeze my bare breasts to help me collect the colostrum ( which was described to me like liquid gold for the baby’s health) and after 5 days of breastfeeding support and help with getting baby to latch on – I was discharged home with a note to also feed her some formula to help with the feeding as natural breastfeeding wasn’t really working! 

Enter ARDO – best hospital grade pump (worked for me better then Medela), which you can see in the picture below. 

This pump has been my best friend since day 7 – and with its help I managed to increase my milk supply to 700 mil a day and almost exclusively breastfeed my baby for 4 incredible months!

It has been the hardest thing I had to do, and between feedings and pumping sessions every two hours I felt like a milk machine, and not very human at all! 

I am not surprised that most mothers in my NCT class gave it up after a few days. With the level of formula available nowadays, it almost makes me wonder if it was even worth the effort! 

Breastfeeding will either happen for you as a mother naturally or it will be the most un-natural struggle! Whichever camp you fall in, fed is best- and breastfeeding is not easy! The cracked / bleeding nipples are almost not worth it – so whatever you do – just do what feels right to you! 

It took me a long time, and many Lactation consultants to realise breastfeeding is just not natural for some, and that’s ok! You’re still a caring mother and in 3 years time nobody will care about how you fed your baby!

So get over it and don’t get pumped up about it! 😉 


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