The fear of missing out …

After a brief conversation with my husband this morning I realised that as new parents – men and women alike – we all struggle with the same thing: the fear of missing out on all the things we ‘could be doing’ and we are not able to do anymore.   It’s really the same things that before having a baby were holding us back from even trying from one…

However, a good friend of mine has recently brought to my attention an article in the New York Times, about parenthood which touches on this very theme. However the article argues that after you have a baby, the pleasure you took in all those things we are supposedley now missing out on (drinking into the night, meeting old friends, hanging out and binging on Netflix, sleeping in? etc) are no longer as pleasurable as they once were, now that we’ve become parents. 

I think the article is right, I have seen it myself when travelling – knowing I have a baby at home would never allow me to enjoy travelling alone anymore – hence why travelling with a baby is the new way to do it!  Or – I used to love to go to the cinema, now I only go to mommy and baby screenings. 

So I think the lesson here is – it’s ok for a while to take time out and try other things. Experience life through a different role, as its all an enriching experience.  It’s all part of the new adventure, which in itself is a very important one.

Anyone can make/ get a baby – but to raise one and be a great parent to another human being is not a small role! So what was it again we were missing out on? I can’t seem to remember really….

Goodnight world! 


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