Why I didn’t pierce my daughter’s ears at birth…

To pierce or not to pierce a newborn’s ears, that is the question! 

Being from Romania, my ears were pierced at birth by the nurses before I left the hospital, but when my mother asked my midwife when I gave birth about when she was going to pierce my daughter’s ears, we got the strangest look of confusion and a sharp ‘we don’t do such things! We don’t deal with cosmetic issues in the hospital’.

As you can expect, my mother’s next question was ‘so who is going to pierce her ears? People won’t know she’s a girl’ ….it turns out in the UK and US alike, if you want your baby’s ears pierced you can go to a piercing shop after baby is 6 months and have it taken care of for a fee. Or you can let her take care of it herself when she is old enough. 

Having researched the issue, it turns out that in general, in the highly developed countries, piercing a baby’s ears at birth is not as common, and is sometimes seen as a ‘barbaric’ or ‘tribal’ action to have done to such a young baby. I mean why would you need to wear earrings for people to know you are a girl? 

On a second note, some schools and nurseries won’t allow girls to wear earrings anyway for very sound reasons: they can easily get entangled into clothing and cause more damage, they can get stolen and even create issues between girls. 

And last but not least, at birth my baby had enough issues going for her with her not breastfeeding and having her tongue-tied, so she didn’t need another self inflicted trauma to deal with. And as a new mother I didn’t need another reason to worry. 

My baby and her ears not pierced
Having so far resisted the pressures from various family members to pierce my daughter’s ears, I am in no rush to have it done. Some women never pierce their ears and that’s fine too.

At the end of the day a piece of jewellery does not define who we are, and if some people are going to assume my daughter is a boy because of it, then that is their issue. 

Will I ever pierce her ears, I don’t know yet. 

Do you have a girl? Would/ did you pierce her ears at birth? Let me know below…


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