What to wear during pregnancy: best maternity clothes

One dilemma I faced during my pregnancy, was how could I stay fashionable whilst growing another human being inside me…trust me it wasn’t easy. Whilst it pretty much took my entire pregnancy to find the right shops where I could buy decent maternity clothes, time passed and I gave birth…so I was left with all this shopping knowledge that serves me no purpose anymore.I really hope it helps you however, if (like me) you’ve taken to the internet to try and find the best stores for maternity wear. Search no more…

  1. My absolute favourite has to be JoJoMamanBebe.com, who does beautiful maternity dresses, tops, trousers and office wear that are reasonably priced ($$).
  2. If however you are looking for an elegant dress for a special occasion, like a wedding, or your own baby shower, look no further than British designer Tiffany Rose.TiffanyRoseDress_Amelia_(C) TiffanyRose
  3. And for the real fashionistas, who care about style and labels as much as I do – if you happen to be in the US (NYC to be precise), the Century21 store at Ground Zero in Manhattan has a fabulous collection of maternity wear on it’s top floor (6th floor). Well worth the trip up the escalators  – you wont be sorry!
  4. For essential and every day leggings, jeans, etc you have good old trusty H&M Maternity (one of the few that still have a maternity section in their high-street stores and in the UK the Next Online Maternity section (who deliver in less than 24 hrs). If you live in the US you must not forget about trusty old Target
  5. There are plenty of other cool stores around, some pricier than others, but the ones above are the ones I have had first hand experience with and was really happy. However it might be worth also checking out:
    1. Motherhood.com 
    2. Seraphine.com (luxury wear)
    3. Apeainthepod.com (my favourite US Maternity brand)

Happy Shopping!


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