Co-sleeping is good for us.

Before I was even pregnant I always imagined I will be one of these earth mothers who will go to yoga every day, and work out while the baby sleeps in a cloth carrier on my chest! Good luck with that I say now….every minute she sleeps I want to sleep!

When I was pregnant everybody told me ‘sleep while you can’ but the truth was that sleeping then was very uncomfortable for me as the months went by… I found it harder and harder to sleep due to the growing human baby inside of me. 

Once Baby arrived I rolled into this two/three hours sleeping pattern but I must say – boy was that a good sleep! 

However after months of 3 hours stints of sleep and various routines of putting baby to bed, in a crib next to me and in her room – I got to the point where the easiest way turned out to be for us to co-sleep!

I know, I know it’s not right, she might not leave my bed until she is 5, but do I look like I care? 

Ever since we started co-sleeping my baby started sleeping for 12 hours straight – with 2 tiny feeds (one around 11pm and one at 4/5 am) ….if you ask me a small price to pay for a decent nights sleep!

Also I have been advised many times to ‘Ferberize’ her … And let her cry until she falls asleep alone in her room – I am sorry but I cannot do that to my child! You might say I am weak or whatever…but I really don’t care. This is my parenting style and it works a treat! 

So I am happy now when I can wake up every morning and get a few extra minutes in bed, staring at the cute face next to me, as she is still asleep. 


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