Giving birth in the UK 

These days in the UK there is a big push for mothers to give birth at home and take some of the burden off the NHS and it’s hospitals. 

Whilst I like the idea of keeping things as natural as possible, I was too afraid to go for the home birth having heard of all the complications that can happen in the process. I therefore chose Broomfield Hospital as my preferred place, despite of its fairly low CQC rating (the uk body who makes sure any health facility provides an adequate environment and service). It must be said though that this hospital is a beautiful place available to anyone who lives in the area, but is under scrutiny because its staff are highly stretched and they have to employ agency staff to fill their roles and cope with the demand. 

In any case, I personally could not have had better care than I did here if I had gone to a private clinic! 

Despite its state of the art facilities the staff were so good and friendly and the midwife who delivered my daughter ‘Lindsey’ was absolutely amazing! 

And the best part, when I was re-admitted for high blood pressure I was given a nice private room with a view and my own bathroom. 

Some pictures below of the lovely place I gave birth in and a big thank you to all their wonderful staff!

Here’s a shortlist of why I loved this place:

*The whole place was very modern and super clean

*The beds were very comfortable 

*The food was delicious and I had a menu to choose from every day 

*I was offered tea, coffee and biscuits between the main meals 

*My jug of water was carefully topped up as soon as it ran low by an attentive member of staff (not a nurse or a midwife)

*I had free and payed for entertainment above my bed 

*Whenever I called my buzzer a midwife would come see me in under 2 minutes 

*I received breastfeeding support and my blood pressure was monitored 3-4 times a day 

*I had countless doctors see me before I was discharged from the gynaecologist, to the phisiotherapist & cardiologist to ensure I was fit and happy to leave 

*My husband was allowed to stay with me throughout my labour, hold my hand and cut the baby’s ombilical cord 

*After the birth my family and husband were allowed to stay with me and the baby almost all day from 9am – 8pm. 


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