Newborn sleeping troubles: two things you need 

When my daughter was born, in the first week or two she slept really well, but from week 3 onwards the colics started kicking in and she used to move around at night a lot and make a lot of grunting sounds…my husband and I were not sure what to do…

Thankfully there was my amazing NCT group experiencing the same issues with their babies, and because at 3 am most new mommies are up feeding their babies we started talking on watsapp. One of the moms recommended we use the amazing cot toy ‘Ewan The Dream Sheep’ – and it worked a charm at calming the baby down through the night and helped when I put her to sleep. 

Ewan, which you can see above, is a miracle little toy that plays white noise sounds and has a red light which helps remind the new baby of its time in the womb. Making the cot or the Moses basket feel like a familiar place helps the baby calm down and sleep much better.

The other trick I learn at baby massage class, where the instructor told us to put a towel around the baby, especially the head, so they feel a bit more constraint and again think they are sleeping in the womb. I didn’t do the whole towel thing, because I had heard of the amazing sleeping mattress from Sleepyhead. So I forked out £100 and bought the amazing Sleepyhead Deluxe. 

An investment totally worth it! Especially as we had to travel with our baby at 2 months, it meant that she could literally sleep in her own bed anywhere and everywhere she needed to. 


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