Why I think it’s OK for girls to wear pink…

Before I gave birth I kept telling off my mother and my mother in law for buying my soon to be baby girl, pink baby clothes (I wanted desperately to keep my baby in gender neutral colours and I was crossed they were not respecting my decision). 

I even set this as a rule for my baby shower ….’no pink’ I said. 

But then a few months later, I had a baby, and just like everything else my whole world changed…with that also some of my opinions! 

Now I am fine with whatever colour for two reasons:

 1) as long as the clothes are clean and ready to wear I no longer have time to fuss over the colour! 

2)because at the end of the day pink is just a colour – like blue, or yellow or green! It’s not the clothes that need to change – it’s people’s perception of what we – as a society – assume this represents!

So because I will teach my daughter that no matter what colour she wears – from black to pink to green to whatever – it is just a simple colour – that does not define her character, sexuality or behaviour.


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