Raising a ‘bossy’ girl…

Every day that goes by I get to see my daughter’s personality develop. She is starting to know what she wants, how to ask for it and most importantly she knows how to get it – she gets results. 
Everyone in the family jokingly calls her ‘the boss’ because she has that attitude about her – which comes out in he way she says ‘mama’ when she wants my attention, to her ‘fake caugh’ which she has perfected when no adults pay any attention to her, and lots of other things like this. 

It made me think about how I should approach this as a parent. Should I discourage her in acting up to get attention? Should I let her know who’s really the boss and don’t give in when she wants something I don’t want to give her?  As I was thinking about this I came across the quote below and I think I found my answer! 

Raising strong character girls is not a bad thing, and I will do my best to continue to develop her personality & encourage my daughter to put those leadership skills to good use! 


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