Having a baby: Ready to no longer be selfish?

“I know when we decided to have a kid we were ready to no longer be selfish.” – Mila Kunis 

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are expecting baby number two and she has recently talked about it in an interesting interview. The quote above really stuck with me for the past few days…

I never thought about having a baby as the step to becoming less selfish, but I have to say she does makes a lot of sense. Having a baby makes you become more aware of yourself, kinder, compassionate and selfless than any meditation course or eastern teaching ever could. (I don’t think I could have truly understood her had I not been a new parent myself.)

But it still makes me ask the question…Is every decision I am going to make from now onwards going to evolve around this little person who just entered my life? Half of me would gladly say yes – but the other half still wants some say in it all!

I think in order to be a good parent a certain degree of selfishness is necessary! Like having alone time, pampering yourself, travelling (albeit not travelling alone for a good few years, but you can still be selfish in choosing the destination) or pursuing a hobby or a career of your choice. They are all reasonable levels of selfishness I think every parent should have.

What do you think? Are you still selfish at times? If so how?

That being said – I bid you all goodnight on this rather selfish night without my daughter! I am lucky enough to have her grandmother looking after her tonight! 


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