Mamma loves a good CUPPI…in Edgewater! 

Last week I went to see a friend of mine in Fort Lee, NJ and after chilling by the pool for a few hours we went to grab a coffee in Edgewater. I have to say…I did not expect finding such a place here…

CUPPI Coffee Company has recently opened up a shop on the riverside, with a cute little terrace outside, that’s literally on the water! But that’s not even the good part…

Apart from the Brooklyn-esque look and feel of the place, they serve really really good coffe, that’s just that – pure coffee poured in front of you…

As it was hot I ordered their iced latte – and it was sublime.It definitely beats any sugar induced Starbucks drink, or Costa in the UK.

And for all of us mamma’s out three – CUPPI is also super baby friendly – with fashionable strollers comfortably to be seen around the place. 

They even let me buy the avocado side for my baby food.If you’re a local in need of a good coffee, a cool place to relax or just enjoy some time out with your baby,  I’d definitely check it out – you won’t be sorry!


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