Losing the baby weight…it ain’t easy!

As new moms losing the baby weight must be the one part of pregnancy most of us hate, or were not looking forward to…sure I did love giving into my cravings and enjoying a Thai curry every other day at work for lunch, or the unlimited supply of chocolate and candy in the office that I have not held myself back from…but now I am paying the price for it!

When I fell pregnant I was already at my biggest self, and even though I have birth to a tiny 2.4kgs | 5.5lbs baby, I ended up putting on well over 20kgs | 40lbs, which I am now struggling to lose.

The good news is, I am half way through it all, having already lost over 10 kgs fairly easily after giving birth, but like I said – when I started I was my biggest, so I also need to lose an extra 10 kgs I have been piling on during the past few years. 

I always look at the skinny moms around me, who only ever had a big belly and lost it within weeks from giving birth (slightly jealous) – but I sigh as I realize: that it will never be me! 

So what can I do? Shall I embrace my new curves and enjoy life as a plus size mom, or lose it all? I personally would feel better with myself if I could lose it..Is it possible for me to achieve this goal? Ideally before going back to work in October? 

Between sleep deprived nights, baby nappies and quick meals – I have to give it a try! 

So after much deliberation, I have decided to try withholding my sweets cravings and my carbs intake for the next two weeks, eat healthily and take long walks with the baby – and see what happens.

Today is my Day 1 of this new routine, and I will update you all on the result in two weeks. 

How did you lose the baby weight? Did you diet? How did you find the time to exercise? 

the body achieves

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