You only need ‘Baby Skin’ – the one beauty brand I can’t live without. 

As a reelmother (a.k.a a real mom who doesn’t have much time, is not perfect but still would love to look good) I have been know many times to leave the house without any make-up on, hair a mess and clothes…well…let’s not go there…

The truth is I was reading all these fashionable mamma blogs & following their Instagram feeds and I could not help but feel like a loser…a hot mess, because I could never look and feel as polished and good as these ladies could….until I randomly stumbled upon the latest collection of beauty products from ‘Maybelline’ – the much talked about it seems – Baby Skin! 

Baby Skin are the lightest, quickest to apply and wonderfully fitting in with my hectic life schedule – beauty products I have ever owned! I would not be writing this if it wasn’t so!

I absolutely LOVE their instant pore eraser that makes my skin look perfect and tight even on days where sleep has been scarce…and it looks even better with a touch of the sweet roll blush featured in the picture above.

What else do you need for a perfect looking Friday night out – or in with baby and hubby! 😉 

Love love love! 


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