I am a mother but I am taking a stand for ‘Child-less’ women…

It seems to me like this topic has come up a lot during the past few weeks and I wanted to share my ‘two pence’ on it! 

As women, especially mothers, we need to stop hating on childless or single women! Just because some of us choose to or have tonlive child-free, it doesn’t mean we can’t be well rounded, successful & fulfilled adults! 

Just look at all these incredible women, who shape and shake the world – from Mother Teresa, Oprah, Angela Merkle, Jennifer Anniston and UK’s newest prime minister Theresa May! All these women have this in common: they never gave birth! So what?? They all have and will leave a legacy behind them…

Motherhood is a choice some of us get to experience – and yes we love it! It changes us and it grows us, in a way nothing else does…but ultimately, when our children leave our homes we are left being the same as before…so it’s important to retain our individual identity. It’s important to be enthusiastic about other things apart from our kids. Its important to cultivate a hobby or keep a job, and most of all to remain a social and active citizen of this world! 

My key message here is that it doesn’t matter whether you have kids or not! At the end of the day, if what you do makes you feel happy and successful and keeps you giving yourself to the world –  (whatever your definition of success is) than that should be enough! 

Having children doesn’t make you more or less than any other human being out there – and to some women their work is their ‘baby’ (whether they chose that path or were forced on it by their own circumstances).

So to all moms out there – let’s just give it a rest…yeah? …and let’s be proud and support all women who do great things for our society – mothers or not! 


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