New York | London | Cluj – the places I call home. And yes, I am a PROUD immigrant to pretty much everywhere I go!

Film marketeer by day, mother by night (more like afternoon really….). Juggling my dream career, with a baby, husband and daily commute into London! Sometimes life is hard and knocks you down, but we live another day to fight and make it all work!

I am a strong believer that a mother’s life doesn’t have to stop after you have a baby! She doesn’t have to ever lose her passions, … In fact the real adventures of her life are just beginning…

Writing my humble opinion posts from my living-room every night, spamming people on Instagram with my fave moments and still doing Facebook because I belong to that generation (the ones who got it when it was a site only for university students). Still figuring out Snapchat and the rest….

I don’t sugar-coat stuff, I like to keep it ‘reel’ – because sometimes …life beats the movies!

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Your life doesn't have to end once you have a baby!

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