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Enough with the guilt trip. Bring on the business trip!

Being a working mother of one, who also has to travel for work internationally at times, I find it to sometimes be a little challenging, but I am determined to make the most of them.

I am to be ‘reel’ about it and truly honest, I do find it all very exciting. Yes, I love my baby, and yes it’s always hard to leave home without her or my husband…but my god is it good when you get inside the black cab or uber taking me to the airport, stepping into the business class lounge and enjoying a little pampering that I don’t normally get to enjoy at home due to the usual reasons any parent has…

Not to mention the undisturbed nights, scrumptious food, and all the events that come with working away in an exotic destination. Whilst the time away is always full on because at the end of the day it is work, and meetings with clients take place, important discussions and events are the norm…but as soon as all of that is done, that’s when the bliss of the trip sets in.

Sitting in a 4 star hotel and enjoying a wonderful meal, with work colleagues or even alone at times, followed by a delicious glass of wine before boarding a comfy flight back…I wouldn’t say that business trips are anything to feel guilty about.

The main reason they are taken is for work – which is always a great example of a good work ethic, which any child should be lucky to have in a parent (regardless if it’s the mom or the dad). The second reason they are so great, is because as a parent you get to disconnect – and re-connect with your own self. Your own identity  – that you have worked so hard to create before having a baby –  still exists and is flying high, making you feel that much more accomplished, knowing that when you return home there is a little human waiting for you….

So yes, in a nutshell – all you working/jetsetting parents, leave the guild trip at home on your next business trip, and embrace the opportunity that’s been bestowed upon you! Not many people have this luxury, and if you do you should feel damn proud and happy about it! I know I will.

Until the next trip…goodnight!


Back at Work…

And so happy to be back…! I never thought I would say this, but as much as I adore my daughter, being with her 24/7 is not something that would bring the best out of any of us…

This week has been my first week back at work, and I am so glad that I have decided to return! Not that it was ever a question for me to remain at home or not, but I kept wondering from time to time…what if?

Whilst I know I am missing out on some of the time I could spend with her, the shorter amount we see each other feels so much more intense and higher in its quality than ever before! 

Before you judge me off for being a ‘bad mother’, know that I would take myself as a happy mom – who likes to spend time with her kid, over being exhausted, cranky and desperately waiting for my hubby to get home – any day!

Yes, this is purely what works for me and how I prefer to run my own life! I raise my hat to the stay at home moms, as you my friends do NOT have it easy! 

I on the other hand, can’t wait to get home tonight and squeeze my little darling in my arms, for she is my life, and I LOVE coming home to her!

Good night! 

ReelMother of the month: Andra a successful mompreneur of two! 

I’ve personally known Andra (the founder of Bebepufulete) from when we were schoolmates in first grade! I have always considered her to be a great friend and I felt an immense sense of pride having visited her newly launched store in Cluj today! 

Bebepufulete is a small yet wonderful baby store located at 3 Meteor Street, Cluj – Napoca with a strong presence online on 

A talented architect and a devoted mother of two, Andra has juggled through her busy life’s challenges with grace and followed her passions every time. 

Because Andra never does anything half way, once she became a mother, she made it her own mission to only find the best baby products she could use for her little ones, and little by little she turned into a successful business!

A few years down the line, with two gorgeous toddlers running around the house, she is now the successful owner of what is probably Cluj’s best baby products supply store for healthy & positive development conscientious parents. 

From Eco-Friendly Diapers, to ergonomic baby carriers, baby developmental books and educational toys – you can find everything you need at online or in their Cluj store. 

Baby friendly fun! 

This weekend Ipswich is celebrating its Marina and the waterfront is buzzing! To be honest I had no idea this was happening this week until I decided to take some friends to our favourite waterfront cafe – Cult – and pleasantly stumbled across it all! 

Packed with live music, children’s carnival rides and lots of great street food it is topped up by a beer festival and luxury car display! So it’s fair to say there is something for everybody. 

Whilst enjoying the summer vibes, the good weather and my head still spinning from the first ever ride with my daughter in the spinning tea-cups – I cannot deny that I am really looking forward to the fireworks display starting at 9pm tonight! 

Long live Neptune Marina! Best going out place & best family and dog friendly place in Ipswich! 

I am a mother but I am taking a stand for ‘Child-less’ women…

It seems to me like this topic has come up a lot during the past few weeks and I wanted to share my ‘two pence’ on it! 

As women, especially mothers, we need to stop hating on childless or single women! Just because some of us choose to or have tonlive child-free, it doesn’t mean we can’t be well rounded, successful & fulfilled adults! 

Just look at all these incredible women, who shape and shake the world – from Mother Teresa, Oprah, Angela Merkle, Jennifer Anniston and UK’s newest prime minister Theresa May! All these women have this in common: they never gave birth! So what?? They all have and will leave a legacy behind them…

Motherhood is a choice some of us get to experience – and yes we love it! It changes us and it grows us, in a way nothing else does…but ultimately, when our children leave our homes we are left being the same as before…so it’s important to retain our individual identity. It’s important to be enthusiastic about other things apart from our kids. Its important to cultivate a hobby or keep a job, and most of all to remain a social and active citizen of this world! 

My key message here is that it doesn’t matter whether you have kids or not! At the end of the day, if what you do makes you feel happy and successful and keeps you giving yourself to the world –  (whatever your definition of success is) than that should be enough! 

Having children doesn’t make you more or less than any other human being out there – and to some women their work is their ‘baby’ (whether they chose that path or were forced on it by their own circumstances).

So to all moms out there – let’s just give it a rest…yeah? …and let’s be proud and support all women who do great things for our society – mothers or not! 

Losing the baby weight…it ain’t easy!

As new moms losing the baby weight must be the one part of pregnancy most of us hate, or were not looking forward to…sure I did love giving into my cravings and enjoying a Thai curry every other day at work for lunch, or the unlimited supply of chocolate and candy in the office that I have not held myself back from…but now I am paying the price for it!

When I fell pregnant I was already at my biggest self, and even though I have birth to a tiny 2.4kgs | 5.5lbs baby, I ended up putting on well over 20kgs | 40lbs, which I am now struggling to lose.

The good news is, I am half way through it all, having already lost over 10 kgs fairly easily after giving birth, but like I said – when I started I was my biggest, so I also need to lose an extra 10 kgs I have been piling on during the past few years. 

I always look at the skinny moms around me, who only ever had a big belly and lost it within weeks from giving birth (slightly jealous) – but I sigh as I realize: that it will never be me! 

So what can I do? Shall I embrace my new curves and enjoy life as a plus size mom, or lose it all? I personally would feel better with myself if I could lose it..Is it possible for me to achieve this goal? Ideally before going back to work in October? 

Between sleep deprived nights, baby nappies and quick meals – I have to give it a try! 

So after much deliberation, I have decided to try withholding my sweets cravings and my carbs intake for the next two weeks, eat healthily and take long walks with the baby – and see what happens.

Today is my Day 1 of this new routine, and I will update you all on the result in two weeks. 

How did you lose the baby weight? Did you diet? How did you find the time to exercise? 

the body achieves

Why I love to be away from my baby…

Don’t get me wrong. I love my daughter to the moon and back, and would happily die for her if it came to it. But being a stay at home mom is hard work, even though for me this is just for the duration of my maternity leave. I will be going back to work in October and I am really looking forward to it. However, for the time being whenever I get the chance, once in a while, to go out and be an adult – I love it. 

Just because I had a baby my passions didn’t die! I love to go out and meet new people and have interesting conversations just as much as I did before. That hasn’t changed at all! But I must admit, something has changed. As instead of drunken midnight texts to my boyfriend or my best friend, or silly status updates on Favebook…now the reason I take out the phone when I am out is to secretly look at a cute picture of my baby, and tell myself how lucky I am to have her in my life!

Yes, I love my baby but I also love myself, I still love wine & ciocolate & I still have plenty to say that doesnt involved my baby…despite the fact she pops into my head probably every 10th second. 

So I want to say thank you for a fun night out to my good friend Ondina, who also gets the credit for the awesome photo!

Do you like spending time away from your baby?