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ReelMother of the month: Andra a successful mompreneur of two! 

I’ve personally known Andra (the founder of Bebepufulete) from when we were schoolmates in first grade! I have always considered her to be a great friend and I felt an immense sense of pride having visited her newly launched store in Cluj today! 

Bebepufulete is a small yet wonderful baby store located at 3 Meteor Street, Cluj – Napoca with a strong presence online on 

A talented architect and a devoted mother of two, Andra has juggled through her busy life’s challenges with grace and followed her passions every time. 

Because Andra never does anything half way, once she became a mother, she made it her own mission to only find the best baby products she could use for her little ones, and little by little she turned into a successful business!

A few years down the line, with two gorgeous toddlers running around the house, she is now the successful owner of what is probably Cluj’s best baby products supply store for healthy & positive development conscientious parents. 

From Eco-Friendly Diapers, to ergonomic baby carriers, baby developmental books and educational toys – you can find everything you need at online or in their Cluj store. 


Babyzen Yoyo: The ‘Take Me Everywhere’ Stroller 

Ever since we came to the US my baby and I have done a fair bit of travelling and moving around; and for the most part the Doona Car seat is still the best thing for us to use – but my baby girl has now started to grow out of it so we needed a new stroller. 

Since summers in NY are very hot, I needed a light stroller that can help us cope with the heat, be easy to carry on the subway or city busses and that I can easily take on a plane back to the UK.

Enter the BabyZen YoYo

Chilling in the park | BabyZen YoYo in a park in NJ
Summer stroll by the river in Hoboken, NJ
BabyZen YoYo @ Rockerfeller Plaza
Babyzen YoYo in Bryant Park, Manhattan
Baby napping in the recline position
Babyzen YoYo after a mini-jog
Babyzen YoYo loaded with shopping bags

The most compact stroller I have ever come across, that is super light and very easy to fold and unfold with one hand and a baby in your arms (for real, no kidding)!

Also nicknamed the ‘Brooklyn Mom’s Stroller’ the YoYo has travelled with me and my daughter everywhere – in, out & astound the city, the mall, the car, the plane (where I could store it in the overhead compartment), the park, and the list could go on. 

The best part about it – my daughter loves it, whether she lounges super relaxed in it or naps in it by the pool, as she did on a recent trip to Nashville [picture above], it’s safe to say this stroller is very she comfortable– she even allows me to get my clothes shopping done – hassle free! And as a bonus – it also comes with a small shopping storage basket, making it all even easier to manage alone.

The material from which this stroller is built, is very light but of great quality, and you can easily customise it with your favourite colours and accessories, which you can easily find on Amazon, as well as the top retailers. 

The suspension makes it an easy ride on most surfaces, & it’s swivel wheels at the front make it super easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces! 

NOTE: however if you need an all-terrain you can go for the BabyZen Zen instead! Which is more expensive but more robust on uneven surfaces. The YoYo is perfect -though – for the city-dweller & globetrotter who loves comfort, style and ease of use and won’t break the bank as it retails for $400.

In a nutshell: 

*Great compact stroller – folds as small as a carry-on case

*Can be taken on board of most airlines 

*Can be used from 6m+

*Newborn and Car seat adapted are available at extra cost 

*Super lightweight (7kgs) 

*Can be folded with one hand 

*High quality material 

*High enough for tal parents 

*Lots of colours & accesories available 

*Best used in the city and not all-terrains 

You only need ‘Baby Skin’ – the one beauty brand I can’t live without. 

As a reelmother (a.k.a a real mom who doesn’t have much time, is not perfect but still would love to look good) I have been know many times to leave the house without any make-up on, hair a mess and clothes…well…let’s not go there…

The truth is I was reading all these fashionable mamma blogs & following their Instagram feeds and I could not help but feel like a loser…a hot mess, because I could never look and feel as polished and good as these ladies could….until I randomly stumbled upon the latest collection of beauty products from ‘Maybelline’ – the much talked about it seems – Baby Skin! 

Baby Skin are the lightest, quickest to apply and wonderfully fitting in with my hectic life schedule – beauty products I have ever owned! I would not be writing this if it wasn’t so!

I absolutely LOVE their instant pore eraser that makes my skin look perfect and tight even on days where sleep has been scarce…and it looks even better with a touch of the sweet roll blush featured in the picture above.

What else do you need for a perfect looking Friday night out – or in with baby and hubby! 😉 

Love love love! 

Mamma loves a good CUPPI…in Edgewater! 

Last week I went to see a friend of mine in Fort Lee, NJ and after chilling by the pool for a few hours we went to grab a coffee in Edgewater. I have to say…I did not expect finding such a place here…

CUPPI Coffee Company has recently opened up a shop on the riverside, with a cute little terrace outside, that’s literally on the water! But that’s not even the good part…

Apart from the Brooklyn-esque look and feel of the place, they serve really really good coffe, that’s just that – pure coffee poured in front of you…

As it was hot I ordered their iced latte – and it was sublime.It definitely beats any sugar induced Starbucks drink, or Costa in the UK.

And for all of us mamma’s out three – CUPPI is also super baby friendly – with fashionable strollers comfortably to be seen around the place. 

They even let me buy the avocado side for my baby food.If you’re a local in need of a good coffee, a cool place to relax or just enjoy some time out with your baby,  I’d definitely check it out – you won’t be sorry!

The Honest Company Review: Diapers  & Wet Wipes by Jessica Alba 

Being a new mom with a career in the Entertainment industry, I tend to have a few celebrity parents I admire like Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher, Blake Lively  & Ryan Reynolds, John Krasinski & Emily Blunt, the list could go on!  

But whilst I mostly admire their parenting styles and their honesty about the hurdles of parenthood, there is one parent I admire most – as she is the one celebrity who turned parenting into a multi-million dollar business. Yes, she is none other than – my husband’s favourite – Jessica Alba! 

Wanting a better world for her own children, and being concerned with the level of chemicals and unhealthy baby products on the over saturated market Alba and her co-founder managed to disrupt a billion dollar industry and carve a successful path for her ‘Honest Company’.

I had been seeing ‘The Honest Company’ products on shelves in various superstores in the UK & the US, but I have never given them a thought until I learnt that it was actually Jessica who founded this company. So last week I decided to sign up to their FREE trial – which I must say I was pleasantly impressed with.


The diapers/nappies are of very good quality (better than pampers) and leave my daughter dry and comfy – even when several hours go by – and the cute designs  make them less boring and kind’of fashionable! For the fashion conscious mommy you really can’t get any cooler diapers…And actually for a pretty good price too considering that they are Eco-Friendly! The best alternative to the cloth diaper!

In the US The Honest Comoany runs monthly bundles which you can sign up for with a CC and order a months supply, which they ship directly to your door! No more stressful diaper runs – and all for more or less the same price I paid for a big box of Pampers in Costco! Definitely a winner for me!

Wet Wipes 

Whilst I found the wipes to be thick and durable, I wasn’t so impressed with them as I thought they smelled of ‘alcohol’, and wasn’t convinced they were all that pure…I will personally stay away from these, and remain loyal to my ‘WaterWipes’ 🙂

FREE Trial 

It is just that – free products to try, and you can cancel anytime, truly hassle free! 

It has to be said through that the whole experience of dealing with the company has been very easy and pleasant. The online chat was handled most courteously and in a very efficient manner. I did not have any hard sales pushed on me and I also didn’t get asked 100 questions as to why I wanted to cancel my order. 

DISCLAIMER:  I only wanted to try the free trial to see the quality of the products before buying them in the UK & I didnt want to continue my US free trial as I will be going back shortly.

As for their other products- I will review in a later post, as I am still trying them out. 

Top 10 cutest baby clothes shops in the US & UK (as liked by me) 

After spending much of our day yesterday buying baby clothes for my little one, I thought a post on the best baby clothes stores would be a perfect post! 

My baby in her new OshKosh overalls

Top 5 shops in the US in order of preference 

1) OshKoshBGosh 

2) Carter’s 

3) Children’s PLACE

4) Century21 – for discounted fashion brand addicts like me! 

5) GAP

DOUBLE BONUS: best value store with cute clothes TARGET & Walmart 

Top 5 top stores in the UK in order of preference 

1) JoJoMamanBebe 

2) Mamma’s & Pappa’s

3) Mothercare

4) TK Maxx

5) Next 

DOUBLE BONUS: Best value store with very cute clothes Sainsbury’s & Primark 

Best new item: Pacifier wipes!

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 21.42.42

If you haven’t guessed already, I’ve become somewhat a fan of all the Munchkin products, and this is the latest one from my personal collection of ‘best products’.

My baby always drops her pacifier / dummy  (for my fellow British followers) and I am never sure what’s ok to use to wipe it clean, as many times I don’t have access to water or a new clean dummy. Enter the new 100% Food Grade, Alcohol Free natural cleaning baby dummy wipes! Why didn’t I find this sooner?? Better late then never I say…

And a quick shout out to my friend Juan, for telling me to blog about this – as it truly is an awesome new product on the market! Not even sure if we can get this in the UK, but guess what…I will be stocking up before we leave…