Losing the baby weight…it ain’t easy!

As new moms losing the baby weight must be the one part of pregnancy most of us hate, or were not looking forward to…sure I did love giving into my cravings and enjoying a Thai curry every other day at work for lunch, or the unlimited supply of chocolate and candy in the office that I have not held myself back from…but now I am paying the price for it!

When I fell pregnant I was already at my biggest self, and even though I have birth to a tiny 2.4kgs | 5.5lbs baby, I ended up putting on well over 20kgs | 40lbs, which I am now struggling to lose.

The good news is, I am half way through it all, having already lost over 10 kgs fairly easily after giving birth, but like I said – when I started I was my biggest, so I also need to lose an extra 10 kgs I have been piling on during the past few years. 

I always look at the skinny moms around me, who only ever had a big belly and lost it within weeks from giving birth (slightly jealous) – but I sigh as I realize: that it will never be me! 

So what can I do? Shall I embrace my new curves and enjoy life as a plus size mom, or lose it all? I personally would feel better with myself if I could lose it..Is it possible for me to achieve this goal? Ideally before going back to work in October? 

Between sleep deprived nights, baby nappies and quick meals – I have to give it a try! 

So after much deliberation, I have decided to try withholding my sweets cravings and my carbs intake for the next two weeks, eat healthily and take long walks with the baby – and see what happens.

Today is my Day 1 of this new routine, and I will update you all on the result in two weeks. 

How did you lose the baby weight? Did you diet? How did you find the time to exercise? 

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Why I love to be away from my baby…

Don’t get me wrong. I love my daughter to the moon and back, and would happily die for her if it came to it. But being a stay at home mom is hard work, even though for me this is just for the duration of my maternity leave. I will be going back to work in October and I am really looking forward to it. However, for the time being whenever I get the chance, once in a while, to go out and be an adult – I love it. 

Just because I had a baby my passions didn’t die! I love to go out and meet new people and have interesting conversations just as much as I did before. That hasn’t changed at all! But I must admit, something has changed. As instead of drunken midnight texts to my boyfriend or my best friend, or silly status updates on Favebook…now the reason I take out the phone when I am out is to secretly look at a cute picture of my baby, and tell myself how lucky I am to have her in my life!

Yes, I love my baby but I also love myself, I still love wine & ciocolate & I still have plenty to say that doesnt involved my baby…despite the fact she pops into my head probably every 10th second. 

So I want to say thank you for a fun night out to my good friend Ondina, who also gets the credit for the awesome photo!

Do you like spending time away from your baby?

You can vote out of the EU but you can’t take the EU out of us!

My husband and I are both born Romanians, but I am a British citizen and he is an American citizen. Our daughter is all 3! She is a real citizen of the world, a British/American & European citizen. I know we are very lucky! But this was all possible ONLY because of the EU!

I know for a fact that we are not the only ones – there are millions of dual or mixed citizenship people out there in the same situation living in the UK and also there are a lot of couples with children that have two or three citizenships from birth. 

Whether the British Leave voters like it or not we live in a globalised world and cultural and racial mixing is now becoming the norm. So why when the whole world is getting smaller and more connected would they want to disconnect from it all?

I was born a Romanian and 10 years ago I became a British Citizen. Thanks to the EU I lived and studied abroad: in Spain and France (before Romania was in the EU). 

Thanks to the EU I now speak fluently 4 languages and I am able to have a great job where I use them daily – working for a great Multi-National company in London where almost every other person has a European or foreign background and second citizenship!

After Romania joined the EU, my now American/Romanian husband was able to do his masters in the UK. Being an American citizen didn’t help him much in the UK, but thanks to his Romanian citizenship he was able to follow his heart, move to the UK to be with me. It’s literally because of the EU that we could build a family together & finish his education without having to paying hundreds& thousands of pounds in fees, to an American university, instead. 

So when  our parents have sacrificed so much, and fought to take down barriers and break down walls – why do they fight to put them back up!? 

It saddened me to see the result of the polls last night – but there is nothing they can do to change the reality…they just need to open their eyes and see it for themselves ….the EU is embodied by people like us!

They can vote us out of the EU, but they can NEVER take the EU out of us! 

[Photo Discaimer: Not sure of the original source of this photo so apologies for not crediting it! ] 

Mamma loves a good CUPPI…in Edgewater! 

Last week I went to see a friend of mine in Fort Lee, NJ and after chilling by the pool for a few hours we went to grab a coffee in Edgewater. I have to say…I did not expect finding such a place here…

CUPPI Coffee Company has recently opened up a shop on the riverside, with a cute little terrace outside, that’s literally on the water! But that’s not even the good part…

Apart from the Brooklyn-esque look and feel of the place, they serve really really good coffe, that’s just that – pure coffee poured in front of you…

As it was hot I ordered their iced latte – and it was sublime.It definitely beats any sugar induced Starbucks drink, or Costa in the UK.

And for all of us mamma’s out three – CUPPI is also super baby friendly – with fashionable strollers comfortably to be seen around the place. 

They even let me buy the avocado side for my baby food.If you’re a local in need of a good coffee, a cool place to relax or just enjoy some time out with your baby,  I’d definitely check it out – you won’t be sorry!

The Honest Company Review: Diapers  & Wet Wipes by Jessica Alba 

Being a new mom with a career in the Entertainment industry, I tend to have a few celebrity parents I admire like Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher, Blake Lively  & Ryan Reynolds, John Krasinski & Emily Blunt, the list could go on!  

But whilst I mostly admire their parenting styles and their honesty about the hurdles of parenthood, there is one parent I admire most – as she is the one celebrity who turned parenting into a multi-million dollar business. Yes, she is none other than – my husband’s favourite – Jessica Alba! 

Wanting a better world for her own children, and being concerned with the level of chemicals and unhealthy baby products on the over saturated market Alba and her co-founder managed to disrupt a billion dollar industry and carve a successful path for her ‘Honest Company’.

I had been seeing ‘The Honest Company’ products on shelves in various superstores in the UK & the US, but I have never given them a thought until I learnt that it was actually Jessica who founded this company. So last week I decided to sign up to their FREE trial – which I must say I was pleasantly impressed with.


The diapers/nappies are of very good quality (better than pampers) and leave my daughter dry and comfy – even when several hours go by – and the cute designs  make them less boring and kind’of fashionable! For the fashion conscious mommy you really can’t get any cooler diapers…And actually for a pretty good price too considering that they are Eco-Friendly! The best alternative to the cloth diaper!

In the US The Honest Comoany runs monthly bundles which you can sign up for with a CC and order a months supply, which they ship directly to your door! No more stressful diaper runs – and all for more or less the same price I paid for a big box of Pampers in Costco! Definitely a winner for me!

Wet Wipes 

Whilst I found the wipes to be thick and durable, I wasn’t so impressed with them as I thought they smelled of ‘alcohol’, and wasn’t convinced they were all that pure…I will personally stay away from these, and remain loyal to my ‘WaterWipes’ 🙂

FREE Trial 

It is just that – free products to try, and you can cancel anytime, truly hassle free! 

It has to be said through that the whole experience of dealing with the company has been very easy and pleasant. The online chat was handled most courteously and in a very efficient manner. I did not have any hard sales pushed on me and I also didn’t get asked 100 questions as to why I wanted to cancel my order. 

DISCLAIMER:  I only wanted to try the free trial to see the quality of the products before buying them in the UK & I didnt want to continue my US free trial as I will be going back shortly.

As for their other products- I will review in a later post, as I am still trying them out. 

Baby and the BREXIT 

There are literally hours left until the fate of the U.K. and that of our British born children will be decided…So what do we want for our babies?

Do we want our children to live and grow in a multicultural society?

Do we want them to be exposed to other languages, cultures and traditions?

Do we want to enrich their lives by making it easy to travel or study anywhere in the EU?

Do we want our children to be able to have whatever job they like, in any EU country?

Do we want to deprive them of the security the EU offers? Or do we want to leave them alone and exposed?

Do we want London to still be the hub where the best of the best come from all over Europe to compete with each other, in study and work? Competition is very healthy, and necessary for a good development.

Voting to leave the EU is like saying NO to all of that, it’s like denying our own children the opportunity of a bigger future than the one which we (as their parents) can offer them. It’s like saying that globalisation isn’t happening and it’s choosing to live in a world of the old ‘British Empire’  –  but unfortunately the sun has set on it a long time ago…and the really is about to kick in!
Unless we choose to vote in…and remain, grow and develop like one big European happy family!


Your life doesn't have to end once you have a baby!

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