The importance of pampering yourself…

It’s not easy being a new mom, with all the new things you have to get used to. I mean, let’s face it – your whole world is pretty much turned upside down the moment you deliver that ‘bundle of joy’…and you start the whirlwind of nappy changes, midnight feeding, 24 hour constant attention. As a woman it is very easy to fall into the trap and want to do everything yourself, but as I am sometimes reminded in those moments when I almost want to collapse…we need to learn to take time out! Go do something small for ourselves ….take a nap if that’s what you need! Or go to the mall – alone! Or even a day at the spa …which is what I did yesterday afternoon after a full day of screams from a teething 7 month old…

Sometimes we just need a break to care for ourselves, because if we reach the point where things get too much, everyone suffers! 

Happy mommy happy baby! Take that break – you’ll be doing yourself and your little one a favour. 


Throwing a baby shower: 10 rules to follow


Baby showers are becoming a trend in the UK these days as much as they are in the US and I must admit I am a real sucker for a good baby shower. A very long time ago, when I was an intern I had the opportunity to attend a baby shower thrown by an american couple for my heavily pregnant boss at the time. It was a lot of fun, and since then I started being interested in baby showers.

For the record, baby showers come in many shapes and sizes, there is no such thing as only one way to do it – but the way I will describe below is probably the closest one to the traditional baby shower, my favourite kind of shower.

Rule no 1:  The expectant mother should never throw the baby shower for herself! A friend is always recommended to organise this for her.

Rule no 2: Always host the baby shower either at a venue, or at your own house, but NEVER should you host a baby shower at the mother to be’s home – as she should not be left with all the clean-up afterwards. Note: if you cannot avoid this – then ensure a thorough cleaning takes place before you leave. The mother should have nothing else to do but to enjoy this event!

Rule no 3: Make sure to prepare plenty of games to help break the ice and ensure everyone has fun!

Rule no 4: Get the invitation list and gift list from the mother at least a month in advance, so you have plenty of time to invite everyone.

Rule no 5: Ask the participants to contribute financially, if you are going to do it all – or delegate some of the tasks to them – like food, drink, decorations, games etc.

Rule no 6: If you are buying all the food – use somewhere smart like Makro in the UK or Costco in the US – where you can buy in bulk, and you know they have lots of great things. Unless you have time to spend and you can cook and bake it all yourself.

Rule no 7: Make sure the expectant mother arrives a little later than everyone else, and don’t forget to get her a ‘mommy to be’ sach, a badge or a tiara. Anything that makes her feel special!

Rule no 8: For your decorations, always use some kind of theme – this will help you tie in all the loose ends, when making decisions about the food you want to serve, the drinks etc.

Rule no 9: Remember to tell everyone to bring wrap their gifts individually, in as many small pieces as possible. This makes even the showers with less gifts seem like there are lots of gifts for the new mom to open – which lets be honest is all part of the fun, and at the end of it – the whole point of the event.

Rule no 10: Don’t forget to serve non-alcoholic cocktails like for example pink lemonade and hot chocolate, for the mother to be to enjoy, along with her other pregnant friends (it’s highly likely she will have other pregnant friends attend). And get someone to bake a cake!

And most of all – remember to have FUN!



Best bottles for babies with colic!

So my little one turned out to be one of those babies who are born with a lot of reflux and colic pain. The first three months of her life were pretty intense; as she would throw up a lot, pretty much after every feed, and her tummy was constantly hurting.

We’ve been through it all from trying better sleeping positions, like lowering one end of her Next2Me crib, to trying the Comfort Milk (Cow&Gate), but nothing seemed to work. So we started trying various baby bottles.


tommee-tippeeHaving received as a gift the wonderful Tommy Tipee Closer to Nature set (pictured), this is what we used on my little one. The bottles had a nice futuristic shape, and the steriliser was amazing. Fast and reliable, it really made a difference to our lives – in fact we still use it today. But unfortunately for our little one, the bottles allowed for too much air to come through.


We then moved over to the new self sterilising MAM bottles, which the baby seemed to love due to soft material and the wide shape format of the tit. Success! (we thought). The bottles seemed to help with the colic, but the circular bottom whic
h you can remove to clean them, kept coming off or leaking every time we did a feed, so sadly we had to do away with them too.

dr-brownsEnter – DrBrown bottles – what a change! Although I must admit this is a fairly high maintenance bottle (as it has many parts that needs cleaning), it is also the best bottle I have ever used with my baby. The ventilation system allows the air to flow out, allowing for the milk to enter the baby’s mouth whilst drastically reducing the air-intake: meaning less colic, less reflux and a much happier baby! NOTE: I used the ‘Narrow’ neck bottles as I fond them to be much better than the ‘Wide’ neck, and a lot easier to use.

They also come in glass, should you not want to use plastic!


The guilt is real – but it must stop!

Yes, mother’s guilt is not just a concept or a phrase…mother’s guilt is real, and all the other moms I know have at one point or another had to deal with it.

Starting even before having a baby, I feel that these days society tends to force women to try the home births, or to avoid the epidural…or breastfeed. I have had several midwives come to my hospital bed after I gave birth and squeeze my nipples  (because I had no idea how to do it right the first time around….) to get the colostrum out so I could breastfeed a baby who wouldn’t latch on…

And don’t even get me started on those moms who are so anxious about giving birth that they need to have an ‘elective’ cesarian! They are just a whole other lever of ‘selfishness’ in the eyes of the society we live in…but they shouldn’t be! Its their body, their rules!

And the funny thing is, that even though we know all of this stuff in theory, when it comes to it…all we can think of as a new and naive mother is that dreaded guilt:…what have I done wrong? what if I am a bad mother? what if I have deprived my child of serious intelligence by letting them cry? what if I just spoiled my child by picking her up? what if she won’t love me as her mother if I return back to work? 

STOP IT! You are well within your right to ask for anything you want, attend to your child however you want and have it your way!

I say – even though it’s hard, we do away with the guilt already and march on! Be selfish, pick up and cuddle that baby as much as you want. don’t breastfeed if you don’t want to – and go ahead – have that elective cesarian! And if you LOVE your job And want to go back to work, then do so – And do it GUILT FREE! Because at the end of the day it’s your body, your child and your life, and nobody else knows better! And if in the process we remember to tell ourselves that we’re doing a great job – that would be even better!

Goodnight moms!



Your life doesn't have to end once you have a baby!

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