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Why I love to be away from my baby…

Don’t get me wrong. I love my daughter to the moon and back, and would happily die for her if it came to it. But being a stay at home mom is hard work, even though for me this is just for the duration of my maternity leave. I will be going back to work in October and I am really looking forward to it. However, for the time being whenever I get the chance, once in a while, to go out and be an adult – I love it. 

Just because I had a baby my passions didn’t die! I love to go out and meet new people and have interesting conversations just as much as I did before. That hasn’t changed at all! But I must admit, something has changed. As instead of drunken midnight texts to my boyfriend or my best friend, or silly status updates on Favebook…now the reason I take out the phone when I am out is to secretly look at a cute picture of my baby, and tell myself how lucky I am to have her in my life!

Yes, I love my baby but I also love myself, I still love wine & ciocolate & I still have plenty to say that doesnt involved my baby…despite the fact she pops into my head probably every 10th second. 

So I want to say thank you for a fun night out to my good friend Ondina, who also gets the credit for the awesome photo!

Do you like spending time away from your baby?


Baby and the BREXIT 

There are literally hours left until the fate of the U.K. and that of our British born children will be decided…So what do we want for our babies?

Do we want our children to live and grow in a multicultural society?

Do we want them to be exposed to other languages, cultures and traditions?

Do we want to enrich their lives by making it easy to travel or study anywhere in the EU?

Do we want our children to be able to have whatever job they like, in any EU country?

Do we want to deprive them of the security the EU offers? Or do we want to leave them alone and exposed?

Do we want London to still be the hub where the best of the best come from all over Europe to compete with each other, in study and work? Competition is very healthy, and necessary for a good development.

Voting to leave the EU is like saying NO to all of that, it’s like denying our own children the opportunity of a bigger future than the one which we (as their parents) can offer them. It’s like saying that globalisation isn’t happening and it’s choosing to live in a world of the old ‘British Empire’  –  but unfortunately the sun has set on it a long time ago…and the really is about to kick in!
Unless we choose to vote in…and remain, grow and develop like one big European happy family!

Happy Father’s Day…

Wishing a happy Father’s Day to all the dads who have been, are and soon will be … Enjoy your day to the full. 

For me this is a bitter-sweet day, as its the first father’s day without my dad – and at the same time this is the first time my husband gets to celebrate father’s day! 

Here’s to the memory of a wonderful dad and grandfather and to many more days like this to the newest daddy in my family…my darling husband!

Top 10 cutest baby clothes shops in the US & UK (as liked by me) 

After spending much of our day yesterday buying baby clothes for my little one, I thought a post on the best baby clothes stores would be a perfect post! 

My baby in her new OshKosh overalls

Top 5 shops in the US in order of preference 

1) OshKoshBGosh 

2) Carter’s 

3) Children’s PLACE

4) Century21 – for discounted fashion brand addicts like me! 

5) GAP

DOUBLE BONUS: best value store with cute clothes TARGET & Walmart 

Top 5 top stores in the UK in order of preference 

1) JoJoMamanBebe 

2) Mamma’s & Pappa’s

3) Mothercare

4) TK Maxx

5) Next 

DOUBLE BONUS: Best value store with very cute clothes Sainsbury’s & Primark 

Why I think it’s OK for girls to wear pink…

Before I gave birth I kept telling off my mother and my mother in law for buying my soon to be baby girl, pink baby clothes (I wanted desperately to keep my baby in gender neutral colours and I was crossed they were not respecting my decision). 

I even set this as a rule for my baby shower ….’no pink’ I said. 

But then a few months later, I had a baby, and just like everything else my whole world changed…with that also some of my opinions! 

Now I am fine with whatever colour for two reasons:

 1) as long as the clothes are clean and ready to wear I no longer have time to fuss over the colour! 

2)because at the end of the day pink is just a colour – like blue, or yellow or green! It’s not the clothes that need to change – it’s people’s perception of what we – as a society – assume this represents!

So because I will teach my daughter that no matter what colour she wears – from black to pink to green to whatever – it is just a simple colour – that does not define her character, sexuality or behaviour.

Giving birth in the UK 

These days in the UK there is a big push for mothers to give birth at home and take some of the burden off the NHS and it’s hospitals. 

Whilst I like the idea of keeping things as natural as possible, I was too afraid to go for the home birth having heard of all the complications that can happen in the process. I therefore chose Broomfield Hospital as my preferred place, despite of its fairly low CQC rating (the uk body who makes sure any health facility provides an adequate environment and service). It must be said though that this hospital is a beautiful place available to anyone who lives in the area, but is under scrutiny because its staff are highly stretched and they have to employ agency staff to fill their roles and cope with the demand. 

In any case, I personally could not have had better care than I did here if I had gone to a private clinic! 

Despite its state of the art facilities the staff were so good and friendly and the midwife who delivered my daughter ‘Lindsey’ was absolutely amazing! 

And the best part, when I was re-admitted for high blood pressure I was given a nice private room with a view and my own bathroom. 

Some pictures below of the lovely place I gave birth in and a big thank you to all their wonderful staff!

Here’s a shortlist of why I loved this place:

*The whole place was very modern and super clean

*The beds were very comfortable 

*The food was delicious and I had a menu to choose from every day 

*I was offered tea, coffee and biscuits between the main meals 

*My jug of water was carefully topped up as soon as it ran low by an attentive member of staff (not a nurse or a midwife)

*I had free and payed for entertainment above my bed 

*Whenever I called my buzzer a midwife would come see me in under 2 minutes 

*I received breastfeeding support and my blood pressure was monitored 3-4 times a day 

*I had countless doctors see me before I was discharged from the gynaecologist, to the phisiotherapist & cardiologist to ensure I was fit and happy to leave 

*My husband was allowed to stay with me throughout my labour, hold my hand and cut the baby’s ombilical cord 

*After the birth my family and husband were allowed to stay with me and the baby almost all day from 9am – 8pm. 

Newborn sleeping troubles: two things you need 

When my daughter was born, in the first week or two she slept really well, but from week 3 onwards the colics started kicking in and she used to move around at night a lot and make a lot of grunting sounds…my husband and I were not sure what to do…

Thankfully there was my amazing NCT group experiencing the same issues with their babies, and because at 3 am most new mommies are up feeding their babies we started talking on watsapp. One of the moms recommended we use the amazing cot toy ‘Ewan The Dream Sheep’ – and it worked a charm at calming the baby down through the night and helped when I put her to sleep. 

Ewan, which you can see above, is a miracle little toy that plays white noise sounds and has a red light which helps remind the new baby of its time in the womb. Making the cot or the Moses basket feel like a familiar place helps the baby calm down and sleep much better.

The other trick I learn at baby massage class, where the instructor told us to put a towel around the baby, especially the head, so they feel a bit more constraint and again think they are sleeping in the womb. I didn’t do the whole towel thing, because I had heard of the amazing sleeping mattress from Sleepyhead. So I forked out £100 and bought the amazing Sleepyhead Deluxe. 

An investment totally worth it! Especially as we had to travel with our baby at 2 months, it meant that she could literally sleep in her own bed anywhere and everywhere she needed to.