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Babyzen Yoyo: The ‘Take Me Everywhere’ Stroller 

Ever since we came to the US my baby and I have done a fair bit of travelling and moving around; and for the most part the Doona Car seat is still the best thing for us to use – but my baby girl has now started to grow out of it so we needed a new stroller. 

Since summers in NY are very hot, I needed a light stroller that can help us cope with the heat, be easy to carry on the subway or city busses and that I can easily take on a plane back to the UK.

Enter the BabyZen YoYo

Chilling in the park | BabyZen YoYo in a park in NJ
Summer stroll by the river in Hoboken, NJ
BabyZen YoYo @ Rockerfeller Plaza
Babyzen YoYo in Bryant Park, Manhattan
Baby napping in the recline position
Babyzen YoYo after a mini-jog
Babyzen YoYo loaded with shopping bags

The most compact stroller I have ever come across, that is super light and very easy to fold and unfold with one hand and a baby in your arms (for real, no kidding)!

Also nicknamed the ‘Brooklyn Mom’s Stroller’ the YoYo has travelled with me and my daughter everywhere – in, out & astound the city, the mall, the car, the plane (where I could store it in the overhead compartment), the park, and the list could go on. 

The best part about it – my daughter loves it, whether she lounges super relaxed in it or naps in it by the pool, as she did on a recent trip to Nashville [picture above], it’s safe to say this stroller is very she comfortable– she even allows me to get my clothes shopping done – hassle free! And as a bonus – it also comes with a small shopping storage basket, making it all even easier to manage alone.

The material from which this stroller is built, is very light but of great quality, and you can easily customise it with your favourite colours and accessories, which you can easily find on Amazon, as well as the top retailers. 

The suspension makes it an easy ride on most surfaces, & it’s swivel wheels at the front make it super easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces! 

NOTE: however if you need an all-terrain you can go for the BabyZen Zen instead! Which is more expensive but more robust on uneven surfaces. The YoYo is perfect -though – for the city-dweller & globetrotter who loves comfort, style and ease of use and won’t break the bank as it retails for $400.

In a nutshell: 

*Great compact stroller – folds as small as a carry-on case

*Can be taken on board of most airlines 

*Can be used from 6m+

*Newborn and Car seat adapted are available at extra cost 

*Super lightweight (7kgs) 

*Can be folded with one hand 

*High quality material 

*High enough for tal parents 

*Lots of colours & accesories available 

*Best used in the city and not all-terrains 


Globetrotter with a baby: what you need to take…

Globetrotting with a baby, or living between three countries when you have a newborn baby sounds like a difficult job – but it doesn’t have to be. With the right amount of research, travel-light equipment and advance planning it can all be accomplished with ease.

Having travelled with an 9 week old baby to Romania from the UK, and to the USA at 6 months old, as well as being a big city traveller I am letting you know how I managed to keep it all light, airy and somewhat stress free.

  1. The key to travel light, is to eliminate the car-seat and the stroller, so I have armed myself with the one that does both. The Doona Car Seat.
  2. Get a KOO-DI lightweight baby crib that can be used anywhere, on any surface and even on a beach in the sun.
  3. If you insist on taking a stroller, then look no further than the highly compact Babyzen Yoyo or Babyzen Zen, who both can be packed into cabin-sized travel bags.
  4. A lightweight back-pack nappy bag that doubles up as a bag for mom. I will be very subjective here, but my favourite is the trendy Chelsea Backpack from SkipHop. Why not combine style with utility, and make sure you can hold it even when you have no arms available.
  5. The Stokke foldable bath tub, because hygiene is important and you need it to fit inside your own suitcase.

Believe it or not – that’s it! Those are all the major items you need (of course diapers/nappies, formula & bottles, and baby clothes will be packed in either your own suitcase or the backpack – depending on the length of your travel.

Happy travels!