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You can vote out of the EU but you can’t take the EU out of us!

My husband and I are both born Romanians, but I am a British citizen and he is an American citizen. Our daughter is all 3! She is a real citizen of the world, a British/American & European citizen. I know we are very lucky! But this was all possible ONLY because of the EU!

I know for a fact that we are not the only ones – there are millions of dual or mixed citizenship people out there in the same situation living in the UK and also there are a lot of couples with children that have two or three citizenships from birth. 

Whether the British Leave voters like it or not we live in a globalised world and cultural and racial mixing is now becoming the norm. So why when the whole world is getting smaller and more connected would they want to disconnect from it all?

I was born a Romanian and 10 years ago I became a British Citizen. Thanks to the EU I lived and studied abroad: in Spain and France (before Romania was in the EU). 

Thanks to the EU I now speak fluently 4 languages and I am able to have a great job where I use them daily – working for a great Multi-National company in London where almost every other person has a European or foreign background and second citizenship!

After Romania joined the EU, my now American/Romanian husband was able to do his masters in the UK. Being an American citizen didn’t help him much in the UK, but thanks to his Romanian citizenship he was able to follow his heart, move to the UK to be with me. It’s literally because of the EU that we could build a family together & finish his education without having to paying hundreds& thousands of pounds in fees, to an American university, instead. 

So when  our parents have sacrificed so much, and fought to take down barriers and break down walls – why do they fight to put them back up!? 

It saddened me to see the result of the polls last night – but there is nothing they can do to change the reality…they just need to open their eyes and see it for themselves ….the EU is embodied by people like us!

They can vote us out of the EU, but they can NEVER take the EU out of us! 

[Photo Discaimer: Not sure of the original source of this photo so apologies for not crediting it! ]