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The Honest Company Review: Diapers  & Wet Wipes by Jessica Alba 

Being a new mom with a career in the Entertainment industry, I tend to have a few celebrity parents I admire like Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher, Blake Lively  & Ryan Reynolds, John Krasinski & Emily Blunt, the list could go on!  

But whilst I mostly admire their parenting styles and their honesty about the hurdles of parenthood, there is one parent I admire most – as she is the one celebrity who turned parenting into a multi-million dollar business. Yes, she is none other than – my husband’s favourite – Jessica Alba! 

Wanting a better world for her own children, and being concerned with the level of chemicals and unhealthy baby products on the over saturated market Alba and her co-founder managed to disrupt a billion dollar industry and carve a successful path for her ‘Honest Company’.

I had been seeing ‘The Honest Company’ products on shelves in various superstores in the UK & the US, but I have never given them a thought until I learnt that it was actually Jessica who founded this company. So last week I decided to sign up to their FREE trial – which I must say I was pleasantly impressed with.


The diapers/nappies are of very good quality (better than pampers) and leave my daughter dry and comfy – even when several hours go by – and the cute designs  make them less boring and kind’of fashionable! For the fashion conscious mommy you really can’t get any cooler diapers…And actually for a pretty good price too considering that they are Eco-Friendly! The best alternative to the cloth diaper!

In the US The Honest Comoany runs monthly bundles which you can sign up for with a CC and order a months supply, which they ship directly to your door! No more stressful diaper runs – and all for more or less the same price I paid for a big box of Pampers in Costco! Definitely a winner for me!

Wet Wipes 

Whilst I found the wipes to be thick and durable, I wasn’t so impressed with them as I thought they smelled of ‘alcohol’, and wasn’t convinced they were all that pure…I will personally stay away from these, and remain loyal to my ‘WaterWipes’ 🙂

FREE Trial 

It is just that – free products to try, and you can cancel anytime, truly hassle free! 

It has to be said through that the whole experience of dealing with the company has been very easy and pleasant. The online chat was handled most courteously and in a very efficient manner. I did not have any hard sales pushed on me and I also didn’t get asked 100 questions as to why I wanted to cancel my order. 

DISCLAIMER:  I only wanted to try the free trial to see the quality of the products before buying them in the UK & I didnt want to continue my US free trial as I will be going back shortly.

As for their other products- I will review in a later post, as I am still trying them out.