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The Sling Library: Why I should have never bought a baby carrier!

When I had my first baby, like any first time parent I made a list of all the baby related things I needed to buy. Soon enough 1000’s of pounds were being spent on various items – from nursery furniture, to unnecesarily large strollers to the inevitable baby cariers & slings.

When I went to my NCT training course, they told us all about the various sling libraries available in Chelmsford. But guess what? In the whirlwind of information I received on that course (+ from countless people around me) I quickly forgot all about it. And to be completely honest I also fell prey to the idea that ‘ I must buy it all brand new for my precious brand new baby!’ Well…that held true until I had my second baby…

After being gifted a material newborn wrap when I had my daughter, to spending £50 on a Baba Sling soon after she arrived hoping I could breastfeed in it and never using, to finally splashing a whopping £130 on the allmighty ErgoBaby 360 when she was 7 months, only to use it maybe 6 times in 2 years….I finally learnt my lesson.

Enter Naturally Happy Families, a moms run sling library service that allows new moms not only to come along and try on different slings whilst enjoying a cuppa and a cake but to also meet other new moms along the way. Whatever your parenting technique, number of children or fashion style you are guaranteed to find somehing that suits you without breaking the bank.

And while new baby moms can get the fabric wrap supplied for free if baby is under 6 weeks, most other slings hire costa are around £15 per month!

I will be completely honest with you, because I rely so much on my amazing Doona Car Seat with wheels, I hardly ever need to use a sling – but when we took our first holiday with two kids under 3 – the sling became a must! Only way to travel through the airport with two kids, hand luggage, folding stroller and suitcases.

So I would like to give a BIG thank you to the Naturally Happy Families for their support in finding the perfect baby carrier, the Integra, that was lightweight and comfortable enough to take with us on a hot holiday in Formentera! My review of this carrier will be posted soon. Like and subscribe to my blog if you wish to be notified when the next post is up!


Best Nappy Bag for two kids: SkipHop Duo -Weekender

We’ve recently had to travel with our toddler and 3 month old baby from UK to Romania and I needed an alternative to carrying two separate nappy / diaper bags which I wasn’t looking forward to.

Enter the Weekender bag from Skiphop! Whilst not cheap, the £100 pricetag was totally worth it. I loved the many compartments this bag has, the various pockets and especially the mesh inserts which also have zippers. This meant my two kids clothes were always in their own place and weren’t being mixed up in the bag.

The fact that these mesh pockets also have a handle makes them super useful on their own – if you ever want to take just one kids clothes with you for a quick change in the airplane toilet cubicle.

The side cooler pockets can carry up to two bottles for quick and easy access, and your wipes and changing mat can be accessed through a different zipper opening than the rest of the items.

This bag had packed in it loads of items for me too – like a change of clothes, our passports, ipad, phones, documents, etc.

Each nappy size had a different compartment and everything was newrly tidied up in their place!

5 stars from me! Well worth it!

Enough with the guilt trip. Bring on the business trip!

Being a working mother of one, who also has to travel for work internationally at times, I find it to sometimes be a little challenging, but I am determined to make the most of them.

I am to be ‘reel’ about it and truly honest, I do find it all very exciting. Yes, I love my baby, and yes it’s always hard to leave home without her or my husband…but my god is it good when you get inside the black cab or uber taking me to the airport, stepping into the business class lounge and enjoying a little pampering that I don’t normally get to enjoy at home due to the usual reasons any parent has…

Not to mention the undisturbed nights, scrumptious food, and all the events that come with working away in an exotic destination. Whilst the time away is always full on because at the end of the day it is work, and meetings with clients take place, important discussions and events are the norm…but as soon as all of that is done, that’s when the bliss of the trip sets in.

Sitting in a 4 star hotel and enjoying a wonderful meal, with work colleagues or even alone at times, followed by a delicious glass of wine before boarding a comfy flight back…I wouldn’t say that business trips are anything to feel guilty about.

The main reason they are taken is for work – which is always a great example of a good work ethic, which any child should be lucky to have in a parent (regardless if it’s the mom or the dad). The second reason they are so great, is because as a parent you get to disconnect – and re-connect with your own self. Your own identity  – that you have worked so hard to create before having a baby –  still exists and is flying high, making you feel that much more accomplished, knowing that when you return home there is a little human waiting for you….

So yes, in a nutshell – all you working/jetsetting parents, leave the guild trip at home on your next business trip, and embrace the opportunity that’s been bestowed upon you! Not many people have this luxury, and if you do you should feel damn proud and happy about it! I know I will.

Until the next trip…goodnight!

Globetrotter with a baby: what you need to take…

Globetrotting with a baby, or living between three countries when you have a newborn baby sounds like a difficult job – but it doesn’t have to be. With the right amount of research, travel-light equipment and advance planning it can all be accomplished with ease.

Having travelled with an 9 week old baby to Romania from the UK, and to the USA at 6 months old, as well as being a big city traveller I am letting you know how I managed to keep it all light, airy and somewhat stress free.

  1. The key to travel light, is to eliminate the car-seat and the stroller, so I have armed myself with the one that does both. The Doona Car Seat.
  2. Get a KOO-DI lightweight baby crib that can be used anywhere, on any surface and even on a beach in the sun.
  3. If you insist on taking a stroller, then look no further than the highly compact Babyzen Yoyo or Babyzen Zen, who both can be packed into cabin-sized travel bags.
  4. A lightweight back-pack nappy bag that doubles up as a bag for mom. I will be very subjective here, but my favourite is the trendy Chelsea Backpack from SkipHop. Why not combine style with utility, and make sure you can hold it even when you have no arms available.
  5. The Stokke foldable bath tub, because hygiene is important and you need it to fit inside your own suitcase.

Believe it or not – that’s it! Those are all the major items you need (of course diapers/nappies, formula & bottles, and baby clothes will be packed in either your own suitcase or the backpack – depending on the length of your travel.

Happy travels!




Travelling with my baby is …the best!

Whilst I know this goes against the status quo, and there will be many who disagree with me – I truly believe travelling with kids (of any age) can be a lot of fun! 

I recently read an article which counted the reasons why travelling with babies & kids is great, and having recently taken a vacation with my daughter in the US, I cannot agree more!

I don’t remember a holiday ever being so much fun before, maybe only when I was a kid myself – but the matter of fact is that something magical happens when we travel with our own kids.

Even though my baby girl is only 7.5 months old, we flew her across the ocean from UK to the US, for a family holiday in Myrtle Beach, SC and after we decided to remain stateside with her grandparents for a few more weeks. Whilst having family with us on holiday has been fun, and helpful – now it’s just me and her most of the day, every day – and I love it! 

Yesterday we spent the day in NYC. We went to brunch with an old colleague, and then we walked in the city, checked out some shops on 5th Ave and enjoyed the sun in Bryant Park. I must say, I don’t think I ever enjoyed The City more than now. Firstly, knowing that I was the first person to share this special time with my daughter made it all very special, and secondly she seemed to have a great time, as she was constantly smiling and bouncing around in her stroller. I felt that even though she won’t remember any of it – at least I have the memories and pictures to prove it! 

Whilst it wasn’t the easiest trip to the city I have ever taken everything went smoothly and we managed to park in a good spot. Then, the new BabyzenYoyo stroller worked a breeze on the streets of Manhattan and inside 5th Avenue’s stores. Because of my daughter – this was the most emotionally stimulating and fulfilling experience I have had. I definitely want to do it more and next time throw in a museum visit! 

Yes, you will say – but she is older than 6 months now. And that’s a fair point. However my little one has been traveling to Romania at the mere age of 8 weeks! And yes, that was a different set of challenges, but it was again – worth every minute. 

And last but not least, if you’re not going to travel on maternity leave (sorry US moms) when you get a year off work, what else are you going to do? I mean you have to pack everything and the kitchen sink just to go to a baby massage class or shopping at Asda/Walmart. You might as well pack it up and travel somewhere exciting – that makes your heart jump with joy, and let’s you build memories that will last a lifetime!

Go travel!…having a baby is not an excuse – if you want to do it, you will find a way to make it happen easily!