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Baby and the BREXIT 

There are literally hours left until the fate of the U.K. and that of our British born children will be decided…So what do we want for our babies?

Do we want our children to live and grow in a multicultural society?

Do we want them to be exposed to other languages, cultures and traditions?

Do we want to enrich their lives by making it easy to travel or study anywhere in the EU?

Do we want our children to be able to have whatever job they like, in any EU country?

Do we want to deprive them of the security the EU offers? Or do we want to leave them alone and exposed?

Do we want London to still be the hub where the best of the best come from all over Europe to compete with each other, in study and work? Competition is very healthy, and necessary for a good development.

Voting to leave the EU is like saying NO to all of that, it’s like denying our own children the opportunity of a bigger future than the one which we (as their parents) can offer them. It’s like saying that globalisation isn’t happening and it’s choosing to live in a world of the old ‘British Empire’  –  but unfortunately the sun has set on it a long time ago…and the really is about to kick in!
Unless we choose to vote in…and remain, grow and develop like one big European happy family!