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Best Nappy Bag for two kids: SkipHop Duo -Weekender

We’ve recently had to travel with our toddler and 3 month old baby from UK to Romania and I needed an alternative to carrying two separate nappy / diaper bags which I wasn’t looking forward to.

Enter the Weekender bag from Skiphop! Whilst not cheap, the £100 pricetag was totally worth it. I loved the many compartments this bag has, the various pockets and especially the mesh inserts which also have zippers. This meant my two kids clothes were always in their own place and weren’t being mixed up in the bag.

The fact that these mesh pockets also have a handle makes them super useful on their own – if you ever want to take just one kids clothes with you for a quick change in the airplane toilet cubicle.

The side cooler pockets can carry up to two bottles for quick and easy access, and your wipes and changing mat can be accessed through a different zipper opening than the rest of the items.

This bag had packed in it loads of items for me too – like a change of clothes, our passports, ipad, phones, documents, etc.

Each nappy size had a different compartment and everything was newrly tidied up in their place!

5 stars from me! Well worth it!


Enough with the guilt trip. Bring on the business trip!

Being a working mother of one, who also has to travel for work internationally at times, I find it to sometimes be a little challenging, but I am determined to make the most of them.

I am to be ‘reel’ about it and truly honest, I do find it all very exciting. Yes, I love my baby, and yes it’s always hard to leave home without her or my husband…but my god is it good when you get inside the black cab or uber taking me to the airport, stepping into the business class lounge and enjoying a little pampering that I don’t normally get to enjoy at home due to the usual reasons any parent has…

Not to mention the undisturbed nights, scrumptious food, and all the events that come with working away in an exotic destination. Whilst the time away is always full on because at the end of the day it is work, and meetings with clients take place, important discussions and events are the norm…but as soon as all of that is done, that’s when the bliss of the trip sets in.

Sitting in a 4 star hotel and enjoying a wonderful meal, with work colleagues or even alone at times, followed by a delicious glass of wine before boarding a comfy flight back…I wouldn’t say that business trips are anything to feel guilty about.

The main reason they are taken is for work – which is always a great example of a good work ethic, which any child should be lucky to have in a parent (regardless if it’s the mom or the dad). The second reason they are so great, is because as a parent you get to disconnect – and re-connect with your own self. Your own identity  – that you have worked so hard to create before having a baby –  still exists and is flying high, making you feel that much more accomplished, knowing that when you return home there is a little human waiting for you….

So yes, in a nutshell – all you working/jetsetting parents, leave the guild trip at home on your next business trip, and embrace the opportunity that’s been bestowed upon you! Not many people have this luxury, and if you do you should feel damn proud and happy about it! I know I will.

Until the next trip…goodnight!

Work baby work!

Going back to work…one of the key conversation topics between new moms. To go or not to go back to work, when is the right time to do so, and who will look after the baby once you do go back to work? 

So many questions and I am afraid not one right answer!

A wise lady from work who has kids once wrote on my maternity leave card ‘come back to work when you feel like taking a break’ – and I kid you not – when I received that card (being in the early weeks of motherhood) I could totally relate to what she wrote. Such truth she has spoken…

There comes a time when we have to make a decision, and for me not going back to work has never been an option! I happen to love my job and wouldn’t have it any other way. Putting the money factor aside, I think job satisfaction is important when you have a baby, as if you have a job you love you will go back to it – if not – well then I am sure you’ll feel your time is better spent looking after the little one. 

I still have a few months left of my maternity leave (luckily in the UK we get a year off) but I actually miss it a little bit. As much as I love my daughter I look forward to going back to my cool job 🙂 

I also think it will be very healthy for my baby girl to go to nursery at 1 and to start socialising with other kids. It can definitely do her no harm, and I am sure we will both be better for it in the long term. How do you feel about this? Will you go back to work?